Company Profile

Masterpack Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of filler masterbatch. We provide wide range of filler masterbatch containing the best blend of additives and chemicals. Customizing our production capacity to meet the ever increasing demand of our clients has always been our forte.

The quick acceptance of our masterbatch quality has gained us immense popularity amongst several buyers of the product. Our extensive range of filler masterbatch significantly satisfies diverse applications in the plastics industry. Today, the application of Masterbatch has been widespread and multifunctional. Plastic industry has been our field of excellence since 20 years.

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We have always implemented innovative technology in the manufacture of filler masterbatch. Our production unit implements progressive formulations and quality-tested raw material in the process of our manufacture. All our processing standards have been streamlined to meet pre- defined industrial norms. Our quality control personnel deliver the final output to customers only after thoroughly checking it. Quality-awareness has been our key motto inherent in our range of filler masterbatch.

Corporate Mission

We at Masterpack Industries are committed to providing our clients the best Filler Masterbatch. In doing so, we implement the most advanced technology in manufacturing several ranges of Filler Masterbatch variants. Ensuring health protection and staff safety has always been an integral part of our company policy. Acting responsibly with an environmental friendly approach, has been inherent in our company core values. Our ability to identify the needs of our clients has helped us build a special relation with them.

Our Specialty

We specialize in the manufacture and supply of filler masterbatch. We give utmost priority to the quality of our products and services. Our filler masterbatch plays a vital role in reducing manufacturing costs. We can be sure patners to reduce costs and win the market.

Our Products

Compostable Filler

In the recent times, there are a lot of concerns that have been raised over the use of plastics for applications like carry bags, food containers, bottles etc. In order to address this issue, we at Masterpack Industries have developed our own compostable filler MI B-33, made from 100% compostable polymers. The advantage of MI B-33 is that it is compostable and already being widely used by manufacturers licensed by CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board).


Poly Ethylene based

Grades Product MFI Loading Application
TPT 2598 F Talc - 50% - 80% Blow Moulding / Monolayers / Carry Bags / Liner / Woven Sacks / Tarpauline
TPT E 10 Talc 0.25 50% - 80% Moulding
MI 0050 D Talc - 50% - 80% Polymer Pencils
MI 0030L Calcium 0.01-0.02 50% - 80% Highloading Carry Bags
MI 0032 Calcium 0.9-1.3 50% - 80% Woven Sacks / Lamination / Liner / Bags
MI 0032U Calcium 0.67-0.87 50% - 80% Carry Bags

Poly Proplylene based

Grades Product MFI Loading Application
MI 0030 PP Calcium 21.23 50% - 80% Woven Sacks / Lamination / Liner / Bags
MI 0037 PP Calcium 40 50% - 80% High Speed / Woven Sacks
MI 3075 PP Calcium 9 50% - 80% Raffia / Woven Sacks / Tarpaulin
MI 0039 PP Calcium 29.9 50% - 80% PP Lamination


  • Better dispersion

    • Prevents speck formulation
    • Adds strength to the quality
    • Enhances Product flexibility
    • Smoothens product texture
  • Impact strength

    • Provides dimensional stability to product
    • Enhanced output
    • Improved processability
    • Increased resistance power
  • Accuracy in Processing

    • Increased manufacturing efficiency
    • Reduced inventory
    • Precise quality control
    • Reduced cost of manufacture


  • Woven Sack

    • Provides Stiffness
    • High Gloss Effect
    • Smoothens Surface
    • Excellent Color Dispersion
  • Injection Molding Furniture and Utensils

    • Provides dimensional stability
    • Excellent Dispersion
    • Good Thermal Stability
    • Better functionality in Sealing
    • Enhanced Dimensional Stability
  • Films

    • Provides Transparency
    • Good Natural Clarity
    • Improves Mechanical Properties
    • Excellent Dispersion
    • Increases Output
  • Carry Bags

    • Improves Strength
    • Enhances Smoothness
    • Prevents Splits
    • Prohibits Pigment Specks
  • Roto Molding items

    • Enhances Molding Thickness
    • Improves Imprint
    • Increases Stability and Sustainability
    • Reduces Wear and Tear in Process of Production
    • Improves Heat Resistance
  • Garment Accessories

    • Decreases Cost of Production
    • Good Anti-Slip Properties
    • Provides Dust Free Effect
    • Increases Output
  • Other Plastic Items

    • Provides economic benefits to manufacturers
    • Reduces Cost
    • Enhances whiteness
    • Excellent Dispersion
    • Acts as Anti-fibrillation